scrapped mold (2011, cdr, dumpsterscore)

by shalocins



shalocins "scrapped mold"
CDR, DumpsterScore
"The newest full-length from Madrid, Spain's shalocins (founder of the For Noise's Sake label, member of Pier, etc.) is exactly the kind of old school harsh noise we like to release here on DS. Combining home made junk metal instruments with analog synthesizers and abused comsumer electronics, Rafa creates a lo-fi train wreck of ever evolving harsh noise full of texture and rhythm. Constantly shifting metal onslaughts lay the groundwork for extreme synth freqeuncy smashing and the ocasional slow scrape meltdown, stretched over two 30 minute tracks. The days when people would just pick some trash out of the dumpster, mic it up and be creative seem to fading into obscurity in favor of all the newest electronic toys. We're glad there are those like shalocins keeping trash sound alive!
Hand stamped high quality discs, with black and red cover collage and insert in a vinyl sleeve. Artwork by A.Q. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies."


released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


shalocins Madrid, Spain

>>noise, musique concrete, sound collage, experimental<<

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